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At Kuma Cafe, we believe in selecting only the freshest ingredients and providing premium quality organic teas sourced from both the local area and imported from Asia. Our quality drinks are served with a variety of fresh fruits, toppings, organic teas, warm brown sugar Boba, and optional non-dairy, organic milk.


Besides our specialty drinks, we serve a Poke Bowl (by Shiro Kuma Sushi)  with sushi grade, organic mix, and traditional Japanese sauce that is outta this world.


We want your Poke Bowl to be just as you like it, so we offer sushi grade fish and a completely customizable mix of vegetables that you can pick and choose to meet your Poke cravings. This Poke Bowl is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


We can't forget our bite-size snacks and Japanese desserts that are to die for.


Feel free to visit us at the Kuma Cafe.

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